Terms and conditions for online training packages

General information

Scope of services

Cubeware offers an online training package for select product trainings. This package consists of training materials and a three-month subscription to the online training environment (image).

Cubeware owns the copyrights for all training materials. The price for these materials will be charged per self-training package and may not be reproduced in any way or used for other training purposes.

Individuals may also purchase an online access subscription in combination with a standard product training. Training materials, however, may not be purchased separately.

Online access

Each online access subscription is personalized for a single named user whose name must be stated at the time of the order. It may not be shared with third parties. The subscription will run for three months (i.e. 92 days) and automatically expire after this period.

You can also book several online self-training packages for a single person. In this case, the individual can either use three different images at the same time over the course of three months or work with the same image for three consecutive three-month periods.


Your corporate IT security guidelines must allow remote desktop protocol (RDP) access to a port other than the standard port 3389. No further software is needed.

Ordering information

Placing an order

Cubeware will only accept orders in writing.

To order an online training package, please use our online order form.

If you want to order an online access subscription in combination with a product training at your company, you must select this option in the online order form when you register for the training.


Once we have received your order for the online training package, you will receive your login information via e-mail and your training materials in the mail. Depending on the region, it can take up to ten work days for delivery.

If you book an online access subscription in combination with a product training at your company, you will receive access within one workday following the product training.


Cubeware will only accept cancellations received in writing within fourteen days after the order has been placed. The full amount is due after this time.