Plan your success – with Cubeware Solutions Platform C8

Master any challenge

Planning, budgeting and forecasting are essential tasks in management and financial controlling. Companies must be able to anticipate and clearly define future developments and processes so that they can focus on what is truly important – the overall success of their business – and take appropriate actions when they deviate from their targets. Without planning, companies cannot determine when these variances occur and, accordingly, cannot counter them. Without planning, they have no roadmap to see where their business is headed. Through an integrated planning process, companies can increase the quality of both their operational activities as well as their strategic objectives.

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Planning is often an extraordinary burden for the many individuals who contribute to this process. Planning, budgeting and forecasting have a special status among business processes because they require a great deal of leeway, foresightedness and individual flexibility. As part of enterprise planning, companies need to consolidate many different detailed budgets. Planning involves many different departments and, therefore, must address these individual interests. In addition, it needs to integrate various sub-budgets on strategic, tactical as well as operational levels.


The setup phase of the planning process is often a heavy burden, which leads to frustration among stakeholders and shortcomings in the planning culture. Many companies feel that they are:

  • Wasting resources due to prolonged processes with poorly aligned bottom-up and top-down negotiation rounds
  • Not taking current developments adequately into consideration (e.g. because budgeting processes start too early in the year)
  • Battling contradicting definitions of content and KPIs
  • Emphasizing more on hierarchal organizational structures than value chains
  • Stifling short-term flexibility due to overriding security concerns

CSP C8 adapts to each planning process – not the other way around

The last thing anyone needs in moments like these is a planning system that creates an added burden on everyone involved. That is why we strongly believe that planning tools should offer intuitive functionality, optimally support individual workflows, and not deter from the actual task of planning. Accordingly, all technical aspects should play a background role.

With Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 (CSP C8), we have built the ideal foundation to optimally support all contributors throughout the planning process. CSP C8 is “app-able”, which means it can model the entire planning process in a single workflow with individual controls and address the unique requirements of different departments – without fear of altering the single version of truth. Since no two planning processes are alike, this solution also delivers the necessary flexibility to adapt to each company’s individual requirements.

Financial planning is perhaps the one area where common standards can be found. Most companies, however, have very different approaches to sales and revenue planning or long-term product, capacity or project planning. In our opinion, squeezing everything into the confinements of pre-defined software and processes is not beneficial. We believe that building tailored planning applications from the start is the better route.

Benefits for your business

C8 Solutions Platform provides the fundamental capabilities for supporting consistent planning processes. Thanks to its app-ability, you can also customize it to your company’s specific needs.

Core functionality:

  • Choose from top-down planning, bottom-up planning or a combination of both methods
  • Define roles and permissions so that each contributor can only access authorized areas. Administer global parameters centrally
  • Support multiple users to make planning a truly interactive (not an isolated) process
  • Ensure traceability and data security with a central database and history
  • Use budget templates with a direct connection to the central database. Run all calculations and aggregations centrally based on the same rules
  • Apply workflow and time management functions to build a reliable framework for messages, approvals, status controls and write access (e.g. top-down, bottom-up) throughout the planning cycle
  • Offer a planning sandbox where individual contributors can work on their budgets without disturbances
  • Change calculation strategies to real time (i.e. in the OLAP database) or batch mode to apply the right strategy to each scenario
  • Use an in-depth ETL integration (C8 Importer) to develop a truly dynamic application behind the formulas

Meet your changing business requirements with CSP C8

You’ll profit from a planning platform that is:

  • Complete
  • Exact
  • Continuous
  • Flexible
  • Affordable

Thanks to its additional capabilities for reporting and analysis, you can use CSP C8 to cover the entire planning cycle with just a single tool. Plan, report and analyze your business in an integrated information control center for optimal performance management and control.

CSP C8 is the optimal symbiosis of best-practice management methods and flexible, innovative planning, reporting and analysis functions. Raise your corporate performance management to the next level – today!