Intelligent SAP connector

Cubeware Connectivity for SAP® Solutions is an SAP-certified connectivity solution for integrating SAP data into the Business Intelligence applications of Cubeware, Microsoft and other vendors. The software, which supports SAP Business Suite and SAP Business All-in-One, also has an OLE DB interface.

Your company profits from an officially certified, powerful tool that you can use without any programming. You can use this connectivity solution in combination with C8 Importer and C8 Cockpit to deploy a complete BI suite.

Achieve your goal in one of three ways

  • Generic access to SAP Data Dictionary (DDIC) tables and views using Dynamic Open SQL
  • Access to SAP Business API (BAPI)
  • Access via Cubeware ABAP extractors which are 100% traceable and audit proof

Cubeware SAP connector combines the power and flexibility of SQL queries using generic ABAP reports, the intelligence of BAPIs as well as the audit protection of ABAP extractors.

Business users easily gain self-service access to relevant data in SAP R/3, mySAP ERP or SAP BW so they can use it to do their jobs more effectively.

OLE DB providers for SQL environments

Using a standard OLE DB Provider, you can also use Cubeware Connectivity for SAP® Solutions as a data source for Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server or other applications. The tool automatically processes the data from SAP sources – if needed, in combination with other sources – loads it into cubes, dimensions and data elements of an OLAP database. From here, you can leverage this data with OLAP tools for reporting, analysis and other tasks.