CW1 Datenbank powered by IBM

The perfect combination for corporate performance management

The CW1 Database powered by IBM gives you the most powerful multi-dimensional database with the Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 for corporate-wide analysis, planning, reporting and simulation applications in a perfect combination. Implement custom-fit CPM projects.

  • Unbeatable performance for the price
    No additional database licenses, no third-party costs,
    simple, flexible licensing model suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Fully integrated
    Analysis, planning, reporting and simulation application all in one data model. No information silos – no fragmented applications.
  • Free choice of front end for planners
    Full client, web client, mobile client & native Excel integration.
  • Seamless scalability
    From planning solutions in specialist departments to integrated financial planning.
  • Designed for read-only and read/write access
    Analysis, planning, reporting & simulation with just one system.
    Budget v. actual analysis in a single application.
  • In-memory operation
    No time-consuming disk access required. Aggregation & calculation of key figures at run time. Up to 5 million rows per second (load speed).
  • Close to the users
    Excel-like, functional model.
  • Sustained development
    Tried and tested, powerful MOLAP database technology.
  • Rapid model customisation
    Structural changes in real time. Configurable cell protection.


Planning with full BI functionality

  • Coordinated planning with individual workflows, ad hoc simulation & simple data capture
  • Collaboration and security in the planning and reporting process through C8 Server
  • Integration of relational & multi-dimensional data in all analysis, planning & reporting applications through C8 Importer
  • Native Excel integration
  • Application capability, simulation & workflows through C8 Cockpit


A suitable database for each BI initiative

We work according to the best-of-breed concept. For you, this means the following: For the construction of your solution, we solely orient ourselves on your specific BI and PM requirements and recommend the database server that is best suitable for your particular project.

  • Independent of the manufacturer
  • Future-proof
  • Competent

Using the following database technologies, we have already successfully realised BI and PM projects for more than 4,000 companies:

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

    The "Microsoft SQL Server" with its "Analysis Services" seamlessly integrates in Microsoft-based system landscapes. "Microsoft Active Directory" (AD) safeguards the access protection to sensitive data as well as the optimal embedding in Microsoft operating systems.

    Often you already have the necessary knowledge for the "SQL Server" in your company and build your BI strategy on expanded standard software. Excellent scalability for large data amounts and the support of 64-bit-capable hardware and software guarantees future expandability. Moreover, with "multidimensional expressions" (MDX) you have access to a powerful query and calculation language.

  • Oracle

    Oracle Hyperion Essbase

    Essbase offers a platform for the development of complex business intelligence and corporate performance management applications, which enable you to depict complex business scenarios within a short time and without programming effort. Due to its write-back functionality, Essbase is for example highly suited for the preparation of planning, budgeting and forecasting applications.

  • IBM

    IBM Cognos TM1

    Excellent scalability for large data volumes, high performance with many users and support for different 64-bit platforms are the prominent features of TM1. Simple configuration and administration suitable for specialist departments is an additional feature of this database.

    An authentication of the user is possible via the “Lightweight Directory Access Protocol” (LDAP) and Microsoft AD. In conjunction with the other features, the comprehensive function collection for online calculations (rules) forms a package that leaves nothing to be desired.

  • infor

    Infor ION BI

    Those seeking an OLAP database suitable for specialist departments with low administrative knowledge and little training requirement during operation, will find what they seek with Infor ION BI.

    In particular, a comprehensive function set for online calculations (rules) is used during planning requirements. Single sign-on supported by Microsoft Active Directory and moderate hardware requirements complete the package.

  • SAP

    SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP BI)

    SAP BI, previously known as SAP NetWeaver Business Information Warehouse (abbreviated: SAP BW), is a data warehouse application. SAP BI is especially often used for DW applications in the SAP-ERP field. As the application is an integral and free component of several SAP solutions and is already used in many companies, SAP BI lends itself as the basis for a company-wide BI strategy.
    Additional advantages are the integration of Microsoft Excel and the JavaScript enabled, browser-based evaluation.

And should you already have a multidimensional database in your company, this also does not pose a problem:
With our ETL tool C8 Importer, you can access practically any data source. Contact us!


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