The core system in the CSP C8


  • Central repository for all Cubeware frontend- and backend tools (Reporting and Data Management)
  • Central administration tool
  • Instances run using a distributed local and/or cloud model
  • Infinitely scalable – the server grows to match your business requirements
  • User and authorisation model, customisable
  • Automated report distribution (who? when? where to? format?)
  • Collaboration in the planning, reporting and analysis process

Server Primary editions

Load-handling capacity and functionality to match your BI application

Perfectly prepared for the modern BI pentathlon

  • An optimum feature set for all BI disciplines
  • The right edition for each user base
  • Capable connector bundling for any infrastructure
  • Multi-instance capability for hassle-free production
  • Benefit from the entire Cubeware product portfolio


General information for all editions

  • One named licence for each of C8 Cockpit and C8 Mobile
    included out-of-the-box
  • Upgrade path available (protect your initial investment)
  • Named and/or concurrent licensing possible
  • At least two production instances included out-of-the-box


C8 Server Hauptedition
  • Standard

    The perfect introduction into the world of business intelligence and performance management: From the start, establish sustainable and integrated analysis, planning and reporting processes in your company – with an attractive price model in particular for smaller circles of users or prototype development!

  • Universal

    Should your BI application be able to grow? Would you like to incorporate additional specialist fields or users? The universal edition of the C8 Server offers considerably more capacity with the familiar powerful functionality and as a result is highly suitable for medium-sized operational areas.

  • Professional

    Is the company-wide roll-out imminent? All employees should benefit from your BI knowledge? Then you are well advised with the Professional Edition. Moreover, you will receive connectors for Oracle Essbase and the certified interface C8 SAP Connect as well as a test environment and a standby instance – of course all free of charge ex works.

  • Enterprise

    The comprehensive carefree package for the complete BI, PM and analytics programme. Implement planning, reporting and analysis processes company-wide. Flexibly integrate several, different previous systems and databases from IBM, Infor, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Painlessly scale your solutions across the entire bandwidth for your specialist and technical requirements. Operate as many development, productive, test and standby environments as are necessary for your requirements – without additional costs.

C8 Server Backend editions

The C8 Server data management editions

A team-based approach to managing and modelling your data

  • Collaboration options in the data management process
    via C8 Server integration
  • A function set to match any analysis model
  • No frontend lock-in

  General information for both editions

  • Upgrade path available from BE Standard to BE Professional and to primary Server editions (protect your initial investment)
  • Named and/or concurrent licensing possible
  • Cannot be extended with Cubeware frontend licenses – upgrade-only
C8 Server Backend Edition

Backend Standard
Your central data pump for all ETL processes in your company: Quickly build up data models suitable for analysis – in team work due to C8 Server integration.Your central data pump for all ETL processes in your company: Quickly build up data models suitable for analysis – in team work due to C8 Server integration.

Backend Professional
For all those that want more in the area of data management and data modelling: Together with your team, manage the data migration from your previous systems and the creation of your multidimensional data models for IBM Cognos TM1, Infor ION BI, Microsoft Analysis Services, Oracle Essbase and SAP.