The ETL tool in the CSP C8

Data provides the foundation for business decisions. But before you can analyze it, data has to be combined, prepared, enriched, standardized and connected.

C8 Importer brings your data into the form you need to gain valuable insights faster and more easily.


  • Consolidation of your data from various source systems by means of visualised mapping and scripting
  • Relational data management (RDBMS): data warehouse, staging areas and others
  • Multidimensional data modelling (OLAP r/w): Microsoft Analysis Services, IBM TM1, Info ION BI
  • Extensive transformation processes
  • ETL framework for SAP ERP (SAP connect)
  • Collaboration in the data management process via C8 server integration

Keep your data under control

Use C8 Importer to model, extract, verify and import your data. Integrate many different applications in your BI processes – quickly, easily and reliably.

  • App-able

    C8 Importer offers rich functionality that goes above and beyond a standard ETL tool. Connect additional applications to support your BI processes in a consistent information infrastructure.

    • Easy connections to other applications via CW Script (open-source programming language in Linux environments)
    • Extended functionality through customizable dynamic link libraries (DLLs)
    • Open API to connect data sources beyond ODBC and OLE DB support
    • Rich integration with the front end possible – import processes
  • Debugging and error handling

    Loading data is probably one of the most time-consuming parts of any BI project. With its comprehensive feature set, C8 Importer provides optimal support in testing, debugging and optimizing import jobs.

    • Rollback options in scripts, mappings and complete job definitions
    • Customized error notifications and log files
    • Detailed log files including variable values and/or record numbers
    • Instant access to all variables
    • Reduction of implementation times
    • Increased data quality
  • Mapping and scripting

    Do you prefer the comfort of visual mappings or the power of custom scripting? With C8 Importer, you can choose how you wish to build, administer and extend your data models. You can even combine both methods depending on your team’s preferences or expertise. C8 Importer provides the ideal tools for each task:

    • Ensure a fast start and implementation through graphic import process designs.  Create visual mappings using drag-and-drop functions to transform source data into target databases without programming
    • As the complexity of your data model grows, you can edit and modify mappings by integrating TCL script components
    • Use script language to address your toughest ETL requirements
  • Modeling

    Pure ETL tools are often limited to loading and transforming data into tables, dimensions, cubes and other existing structures. In most cases, however, you have to build those structures with other tools. This causes process breaks during the implementation, which often lead to more errors, complex implementations and time-consuming maintenance.  

    C8 Importer supports data modeling and loading in a single tool:

    • Integrated modeling functionality for different OLAP technologies
    • Out-of-the-box data warehousing
    • OLAP dimension modeling
    • Dynamic, data-driven modeling
    • Comprehensive rule definitions through mapping and script language as the foundation for data-driven modeling (e.g. value-driven branching, string handling, transformation through lookups)
  • Parametrization

    Make the most of your import processes! Use the parametrization options in C8 Importer to intervene at the right place in your process workflows and influence how jobs are run. This speeds up your import jobs – even when loading masses of data.

    • Work with variables
    • Connect directly to databases
    • Use SQL statements flexibly