Business intelligence & performance management with a SINGLE platform

Manage successfully. Analyze successfully. Plan successfully. For all data. For all employees. Company-wide. With a single integrated and scalable BI platform.
That is business intelligence and performance management with the Cubeware Solutions Platform C8. Discover our BI technology, the architecture and the individual components now!


The BI architecture that fits to your environment

With the Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 you will receive everything that you need for modern analysis, planning and reporting solutions from a single source:

  • Integrated: Tear down information silos, establish company-wide applications
    Make an end to countless individual solutions and inconsistent key figures! With CSP C8 you will create a uniform view on your customers, products and markets with interactive and responsive applications – from data management up to meaningful visualizations, appealing reports and guided planning workflows.
  • Scalable: Start small, think big
    After all, who knows in detail what tomorrow has in store! But with CSP C8 at all times you can flexibly respond to new challenges. Intuitive user management. Uniform logic for all BI processes. The quickest analysis engines. Flexible licence model, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Easy to use: Reduce complexity, create added value
    NNot every user is a BI expert! CSP C8 offers the suitable BI tool for all user types. This saves your company money and unburdens the IT department and expert users.


A suitable BI front end for everyone – Our analysis software for your data visualization

Our BI platform provides the suitable front end for each need, for every requirement of your employees: Fully integrated in the company-wide BI logic. Function customisations suitable for each target group. Flexible and adjusted price and licensing model. Which BI front end should it be?














The front end tool for information consumers & decision makers





The suitable BI server for everyone

Due to its unique BI architecture, our BI platform offers a suitable server for each BI solution, for each BI project:
Adjusted scope of functions. Optimal sustainability. Financially attractive. Upgradeable at all times. Which server technology is best suitable for you?

The suitable database server for each BI strategy

With the CW1 database powered by IBM, as standard companies demonstrably receive the most powerful multidimensional analysis engine for the development of integral or hybrid business intelligence and performance management solutions. However, we can also offer something different.

The suitable ETL tool for any BI requirement

Our BI platform does not only offer a suitable front end and server components, but also the corresponding tool for your data management, modelling and ETL processes: Intuitive organization of analysis cubes, staging areas and data warehouses. Suitable for specialist departments. Across previous systems. Discover our ETL tool!


The advantages of our business intelligence software at a single glance

Receive valid BI reports and analyses prepared according to your requirements and automated precisely when and in exactly the correct form in order to make quick and effective decisions. Our BI applications make it possible.

Receive discipline-specific BI solutions, which are tailor-made for the enquiries from your specialist departments and are easy to use – from the standardised BI report to the comprehensive BI self-service functionalities.

Work with a BI platform that you can expand, modify and optimize independently and which forms the framework for all BI processes in your company – with little maintenance and training effort, low total cost of ownership (TCO) and quick implementation.