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Change in the Cubeware management

Press release (12 June 2017)
Change in the Cubeware management:
Jeetu Narayan is CEO of the Cubeware Group

With effect from the start of the fiscal year on 1 April 2017, Jeetu Narayan has assumed the CEO position of the Cubeware Group from Sameer Shariff. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Jeetu Narayan worked for Cubeware India as COO, and was responsible for Cubeware’s market entry in India ...

Coverage (26 June 2016)
#Next BI: Cubeware launches offensive for smart organisations

Cubeware, as the initiator of the Business Intelligence offensive, relies on new intelligence or on the smartness of the organisation across the board, using simple, effective and interactive Business Intelligence ...

Press release (9 May 2016)
Cubeware under new ownership
Cubeware GmbH has been under new ownership since February 2016. Cubeware GmbH has been acquired by Primrose Investments GmbH, who thereby succeeds the previous owner Systat Software GmbH (Cranes Group). With today’s investment in product development at Cubeware the foundations for new products and future company growth will be layed ...

Press release (20 May 2015)
Maximum Assessment for BI-Partner Program of Cubeware & Introduction of a New Partner Category
The partner program of the BI specialist Cubeware reaches the maximum assessment of five stars in the test of the channel sales specialist Insalcon also in 2015. Thus Cubeware is still the only BI-supplier in DACH, whose partner program deserves the rating "highly recommended" ...

Press release (12 December 2014)
Cubeware launches main release: Cubeware Solutions Platform C8
The Business Intelligence vendor Cubeware will launch Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 on 19 December 2014. This new main release will supersede all existing Cubeware portfolio components, bundling and synchronizing them in a complete BI architecture for data management, modelling, governance, distribution and visualization ...

Press release (04 June 2013)
BI Application Optimizes Manufacturing Production Processes ...

Press release (14 May 2013)
Announcing Addition of Syscon BI Integration Apps
Syscon BI Integration Applications for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Systems Boost ...

Press release (13 March 2013)
Cubeware Executive Leading Gartner BI Summit
Tom Martens to Highlight New Possibilities to Identify and Mitigate Factors ...

Press release (28 February 2013)
BISTRO BI App Store, Community and Ecosystem
Central Resource of Certified BI Best Practices, and Specialized Tools and Applications ...


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