Planning Survey 16: Cubeware ahead in key issues

In the largest independent survey on the use of planning tools in the German-speaking areas, the planning products by Cubeware received a very high rating in 13 categories, and thus achieved excellent results in important core issues, especially compared to competitors in the DACH market.

Cubeware – classified in the categories "Performance Management Specialists ", "DACH-focused Users " and "Development-oriented Planning Solutions" – stood out with its products "Cubeware C8 Cockpit" and the previous model "Cubeware Cockpit V6pro" in the key planning-critical issues of "project success" and "system performance", but also in the important sector "price-performance ratio".

Cubeware Highlights

Project success


Cubeware’s leading rank in the ‘development-oriented planning solutions’ peer group shows that projects are often completed on time and on budget. Customers are satisfied with their planning projects because they often achieve the project goals they defined at the outset.

Performance satisfaction


Cubeware’s customers are satisfied with the performance the product offers and the vendor rates well above average in the ‘DACH focused vendors’ peer group for performance satisfaction. Complaints about the system’s performance are rare. However, Cubeware is normally used in small to medium scale scenarios with few concurrent users and quite small data volumes, which is not unusual for multidimensional database front ends. Some of the databases most typically used with Cubeware – such as IBM Cognos TM1 and Oracle Essbase - are well known in the market as high performance in-memory multidimensional databases.

Considered for purchase


Cubeware is often considered for purchase, especially in the DACH region - its home market. It is therefore top ranked in the ‘DACH focused vendors’ peer group and a leader in the ‘performance management specialists’ peer group in this KPI. Bearing in mind that the BI and planning market in the DACH region is highly competitive with a wide range of different products, being considered for purchase on a regular basis is an important target for any vendor wanting to win customers against rivals. Cubeware is well known in the DACH region. With over 3,000 customers, organizations are not only evaluating Cubeware. Many are buying it too.



Price-performance ratio is one of the main reasons why customers buy Cubeware software. The vendor is highly rated in the ‘price-to-value’ KPI in the ‘development-oriented planning solutions’ peer group, indicating that the tool is competitively priced and offers good value for money. Cubeware is licensed using a named user and concurrent user concept. Both licensing types can be combined flexibly as required.

Reporting/Analysis functionality


Cubeware Cockpit is an integrated product for BI and planning. Besides dashboards, ad hoc reporting and analysis, the product offers capabilities for top down and bottom up planning. Customers clearly appreciate the product’s reporting/analysis functionality, leading to a top ranking in the ‘development-oriented planning solutions’ peer group and two leading ranks in the other peer groups. Unlike many other products on the market, BI functionality is immediately available for planning users with Cubeware. There is no difference between dealing with actuals or plan data in the product. For example, planning forms and reports are both created in the same way with the same functionality.

Implementer support


Availability of local support is very important to Cubeware’s customers. The vendor has a leading rank in the ‘development-oriented planning solutions’ peer group, showing that the support provided by implementation partners is highly appreciated by customers. Cubeware has many partners, especially in the DACH region. Its software can be bought from the vendor itself or through its partner network. Since partner quality is very important for Cubeware, the vendor has an exacting partner certification program every partner has to complete in order to qualify. Partners are VARs (value added resellers) or ISVs (independent software vendors) who either realize solutions for customers or enhance their own software portfolio with Cubeware technology.



Cubeware Cockpit offers integrated, flexible functionality for dashboards, ad hoc reporting, analysis and planning on various multidimensional databases to service a range of BI needs. Business users work in a visual environment where they can flexibly create content or consume content built by other users. Aside from dashboards, reporting and analysis, the product can be used to build individual planning applications that support top down and bottom up planning. Building detailed operational sub-budgets in individual departments is a task regularly performed with Cubeware. The product has the characteristics of a development environment that requires no programming and contains little predefined content. The vendor has no particular focus on any specific planning topics or industries.

Predefined data connections


Data integration and modeling tasks are performed in C8 Importer, an ETL solution which is part of the Cubeware Solutions Platform C8. C8 Importer extracts, merges, transforms, verifies and imports data from various operational source systems (e.g. ERP, CRM) into the multidimensional structures of the OLAP databases. Cubeware has its own SAP-certified connectivity for accessing SAP data sources (SAP R/3, SAP ERP, SAP BW) and provides predefined templates for data transfer and modeling from SAP ERP modules FI, CO, SD and MM. As a result, Cubeware is often chosen for its predefined data connections to source systems, and very few customers complain about being unable to get data or use data from source systems.

Cubeware vs. Excel


Excel remains the most widely used BI and planning product in the world. However, many users and companies are dissatisfied with it. Whereas only 33 percent are “somewhat satisfied” or “very satisfied” with Excel, 71 percent of Cubeware’s customers are somewhat or very satisfied with their BI and planning product. Business benefits like improved integration of planning with reporting/analysis, increased planning frequency/faster planning and more precise/detailed planning are regularly achieved with Cubeware, leading to the achievement of a higher level of business benefits than with Excel.

Background to the survey

Selecting the right planning solution is a decisive criterion for a company in order to define and pursue objectives and predict developments.
Here, the planning survey by the analytical company BARC is an incredibly valuable tool and orientation for companies looking for a suitable planning solution.
The survey, which was conducted between November 2015 and January 2016, in based on the practical experiences of 1,245 users in working with planning solutions by different providers.

Do you know what is most important in company planning?

We show you why many people have such difficulties in operative company planning, and how the Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 can help you to master these challenges.